Sunday, April 10, 2011

Branching out to new areas?

So, after some recent thought, I've decided to maybe branch out from 90's TV shows to other 90's culture, such as movies and music back in the day. My primary focus will still be on shows I loved as a kid, but this transition to a wider spectrum will allow me to expand the audience of my blog and draw more people in. I was thinking maybe one post a week, I will talk about something like a song from the 90's or something along those lines. What do my readers think? Is this a good idea? Bad idea? Or should I wait and post a little more before I throw in a 90's culture day (I  think that's what I would call it.)

Anyways, at long last I have a Pete and Pete review that will be ready for your viewing please by tomorrow, in the meantime, think about the questions I just asked and listen to this song.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Top 6 Favorite DCOMs of the 90's

I want to mainly keep this blog focused on TV shows that I loved as a kid, and want to generally divert from going into discussions about the culture or other forms of media form the 90's. There is one area though that does not classify as a TV that I will be briefing on, and the is DCOMs. DCOMs, for those of you that don't know, stand for Disney Channel Original Movies, yes the same format that brought us High School Musical in the like. But believe it or not, before they starting spitting out shit like that, there were pretty good, specifically in the late 90's to early 2000's. Seeing how this is a 90's blog, I will give you my top 6 favorite DCOMs of the 90's.

6. The Thirteenth Year.

The Thirteenth Year told the story of Cody Griffin, your average 12 year old boy. He was popular, a good swimmer, and had a redhead girlfriend, just all around really cool, until he turned the (very old age) of 13. After his 13th birthday, Cody started realizing changes in his body, and I'm not talking about puberty. No, he was turning into a merman. After enlisting the help of the school nerd Jess, Cody learns to deal with his changes and live a dual life of merman and teenage boy. This movie also introduced the world to Kristen Stewart, which latter allowed her to play the awesome role of Bella on Twilight! Yea!

5. Underwraps.

Underwraps was about a group of (really old) 12 year olds who found an ancient mummy who comes to life. Thankfully, the mummy was friendly and just wanted to hang out with the kids. The gang is reluctant at first, but warm up to the idea once they find out they are Harold's only hope to get back into his coffin before midnight on Halloween, a task that must be completed or else Harold will disappear forever. This DCOM had everything I wanted as a kid, action, comedy, superstition, and Adam Wylie.
Such a Bad Ass
4. Smart House

If second grade taught me what math was, Smart House taught me what cool was. The DCOM was about your average everyday family, that won a "smart house," a futuristic house in which everything is automated and done for you. The main character was the son of the family, Ben Cooper. At first, everything is going fine and everyone is enjoying the house, that is until Ben realizes his dad is falling in love with the creator of the smart house. Ben doesn't want his dad to "replace" his dead mom, so he makes smart house feel more human with emotions and less computer-esque. The house takes the family hostage eventually but it all works out. The movie also has cest la vie by Bewitched in it (awesome song), and the most amazing party scene ever.
It's so awesome the person who put it on youtube decided to split it into two videos! Thanks! (second one has the line dancing)

3. Halloweentown

Everyone knows Halloweentown, it tells the story of Marnie Piper and her two younger siblings. They are seemingly normal kids, until one day they find out their Grandma, who they only see on Halloween, is a witch! They learn this by secretly following their grandma to a bus, which takes them to Halloweentown: a city where ghouls, shosts, goblins, and witches live! But luckily all these creatures are nice, well all except the evil Kalabar. Kalabar is freezing everyone in Halloweentown, and he even gets Marnie's grandma! There is no one that can stop Kalabar now, except for a group of three kids apporximately aged 8, 11, 13, who just found out they were witches. Luckily it works, because whenever you can put the fate of an entire city in the hands of three little kids who don't know what they're doing, you gotta do it. This DCOM also spawned off 3 sequels.

2. Johnny Tsunami

Johnny Tsunami was one of my favorite all-time DCOMs. It was about Johnny and his family moving from Hawaii to Vermont. Besides the obvious fact Vermont sucks, what sucked even more for Johnny was leaving behind all his friends and family and the ability to surf. There's no oceans in Vermont. Johnny's transition to his new home/school is tough at first, until he discovers snowboarding. He gets a black friend out of it too. The mountain that he "boards" on is divided by snowboarders and skiiers, with each claiming half of the mountain. At the end of the show, Johnny has to race against the school bully (and skier), Bret, to decide the fate of the mountain. Johnny wins and now there is no more division in the mountain, you can ski or board anywhere.

1. Brink!

Let me start off by saying Brink was just awesome, friggen awesome. It was about soul skating, putting on those blades and hitting the streets because you loved what you did. Brink was about a kid named Brink, and his skating team. They believed blading was awesome, something to be respected and honored, not abused to make money, like what their rival the xblades did. However due to a twist of faith, Brink's family was in financial trouble, and brink being the awesome skater that he was, was offered a spot on team xblades for the insanely high amount of $200 a week, a figure only most could dream to make back in 1998. After some thought, he decides to accept the position, but hides it from his friends/skate team, because he doesn't want them to know he sold out, though they eventually discover that he is on their team. After ignoring his families financial issues and thinking only of his "rep," Brink quits team xblades, joins back up with his old crew and calls it team suds'n'puffs and defeats Val in the big downhill race to win first place at the Xgames competition. Awesome.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Most Memorable Show Intros

Intros are an important part of a show when you are a kid. They draw you into the show and allow you to focus on it. If the show has a bad intro/song, my chances of watching it were slim. Luckily, there were a lot of great intros to shows in the 90's and I decided for nostalgia's sake to show you some of my favorites. This is not a list of the best, just random intros that I remember to this day.

"Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paperboy, evening T.V."

Those opening lines will most likely forever be ingrained into my mind. Awesome song, and awesome intro. Does a great job of introducing the characters one by one.

I remember singing this song as a little kid. It was very easy to learn and fun to go along with, so that is why it's memorable to me.

Nearly everything about Pete and Pete was bad ass, and in intro was no exception. That song was soooo 90's, but it's perfect.

This song was probably the hardest to get out of my head as a little kid. Was so catchy/annoying, that I would always think of it. I even have problems listening to it nowadays without the same thing happening.

I was unable to find an actual video for Salute Your Shorts, but I found the song, which was my favorite part as a kid. I thought it was hilarious how they switched the words of the song around to say fart and such.

Probably the best intro to any show ever, at least the most well-known. Awesome song by the Fresh Prince and is something that probably all of us know all the words to.

Just a sick song and video. I still drive through the streets of SoCal (OC) blasting this song with the windows rolled down creeping slow. It's pretty hardcore, for a white kid originally from Idaho at least.

So, what did I miss? Do you guys have any favorites not mentioned? Tell me in the comments!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Over 100 Subscribers!

Today I hit a personal milestone of mine: 100 subscribers! Thanks to all the readers that made this possible, I wouldn't be here without you guys, you guys are AMAZING! I'll be back tomorrow with a full blog post, in the meantime, stay thirsty my friends.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 4 Hottest Character from the 90's

The the 90's will always be a nostalgic theme in my mind, it was when I was born, when I moved states, and when I first went to school. It also brought me some of my first crushes and loves. I thought I would share with you my list for the top 4 hottest characters from 90's tv shows to see if we align on who we believe was the hottest back in the day. Let's begin!

*Honorable Mention: Megan, Are You Afraid of the Dark*
She's the middle one in the back, in between the black guy and fat guy
Now, I know you might be wondering, why would I include an honorable mention on this list? Why not just add Megan to the list as number 5? Well the answer to that is quite simple. First, I had no idea who Megan was back in the day (yes I watched AYAOTD) but she was just an actress that sat around the fire and was on the screen for maybe 3 minutes an episode. So why add her? Because she grew up to be this:

and this:

I believe she deserved some kind of mention, as Elisha Cuthbert is extremely fine today. Now on to the list!

4. Melody Hanson, Hey Dude. 

Melody Hanson was your typical attractive character in Hey Dude. She was spunky, ditzy, and a dance instructor. What gave her appeal over her costar Brad, was her blonde hair and her personality. Brad was a rich and spoiled girl from Michigan that refused to do work, while Melody was the girl-next-door type with a fun personality and didn't mind getting dirty. I'll take that over Brad any day. The actress that played Melody is all grown up now, and married to Ben Stiller! You probably recognize her. 

3. Alex Lambert, Step by Step. 

Though Al originally started on the show as the tomboy out of the three girls, she transformed over the season into an actual woman. Her two older sisters may be considered hotter by some, but I disagree with this notion for two main reasons. First, Al had the most athletic body of the bunch, and I prefer those types of bodies. Second, she had the best personality of the three, with Dana being the annoying feminist and Karen being the ditsy aspiring model. Al was into football and man things, she was one of the guys with a nice body. She grew up quite nicely too.

2. Kelly Bundy, Married with Children. 
Them nips
Kelly Bundy was a goddess in the 90's. Though she wasn't smart, at all, she did have a somewhat attractive personality to her, and besides, look at her. She was promiscuous, which means that we would all have a chance here. There were very few boys in the 90's that did not want to get with this girl. She grew up to be Christina Applegate.

1. Kelly Kapowski, Saved by the Bell. 

Was it really ever going to be anyone else? Kelly was THE perfect girl in the 90's. Great body, good personality, and was the girl-next-door type. Yeah, she did get with just about every popular guy at Bayside, but never had sex. So you can't knock her too much for that. She grew up to be Tiffani Amber Thiessen, who is pretty good in her own right.